“Every day we’re told that we live in the greatest country on earth. And it’s always stated as an undeniable fact: Leos are born between July 23 and August 22, fitted queen-size sheets measure sixty by eighty inches, and America is the greatest country on earth. Having grown up with this in our ears, it’s startling to realize that other countries have nationalistic slogans of their own, none of which are ‘We’re number two!” 

-David Sedaris, Me Talk Pretty One Day



Propanda = brainwashing, someone trying to sell you something, mass marketing, rumors (per Dictionary.com), in 1622, a committee of cardinals, per the Roman Catholic Church (again, per Dictionary.com).

Multiple Personalities?

Alexandra H. Barnett (Official married name)
Mrs. Martin Barnett
Mrs. Barnett
Alex Barnett
Alexandra Helen Lakatos (Maiden name)
Alex Lakatos
Hapci (My Hungarian nickname that I will never escape…thanks, Dad.)
Number 2 (My best friend’s/former roomate’s dog used to refer to me in this manner…long story…)
Mom (only to four-legged “kids”…)

Here’s what I have come up with. I have never thought about all of my “identities” until now. To be honest, I pride myself on being who I say I am, no matter the circumstance, but I now realize that it is inevitable for me to have different ways in which I would present myself.

The bold-faced names (Alex; Alexandra H. Barnett) are my strongest identities. No one except my mom calls me by my full name, Alexandra, with the exception of extended family that I see once every few years. I like to think of myself primarily as “Alex”…not for any particular reason other than the comfort of being referred to as such, for as long as I can remember.

Nicknames are fun for all sorts of reasons, in personal contexts, especially. Formal names get you through the official parts of life, but for me, they tend to force me to see myself in a very “stuffy” manner…yuck.


My very first conversation with the world.

I’m not quite sure how to gracefully enter the blogging community, so I have decided to just go for it. Put it all out there, no holding back…What do I have to lose? Well, besides a passing grade in my Writing 510 class [Hi, Dr. Spring!], I suppose I could lose out on an amazing opportunity to write something that [hopefully] affects someone else…

And no, I don’t put myself on a pedestal of any kind. I hope to resonate with readers in any way, for it would be the least I could do to “pay it forward”. My academic path has been more than tumultuous [and I know from all too many of my fellow classmates that  MANY of us struggle, transfer, and change majors 2094759138934893 times…give or take], and at times I fear it will never end. But this journey has also exposed me to ideas…so many ideas…and the best kind of ideas are those that are new. So, herein lies my ultimate goal: to communicate and exchange information that causes all of us to, at least, scratch our noggins.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”



And, because I love me some quotes: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/aristotle_4.html#ixzz1jImzEjW0