FINAL Multimedia Project

My Animoto Video.


Throughout the duration of this course, I found myself constantly wondering about how and why it can be so difficult for people to understand one another. A realist at heart, I am willing to accept the unlikely potential of truly determining the exact factors that cause misunderstanding. However, the process of creating this multimedia project has opened my eyes to at least one conclusion: failure to understand someone’s words, behaviors, or tendencies, is failure to truly understand. Failure to understand leaves us with a void, and all too often, that void is filled with some sort of explanation that answers the question, solves the problem, fills in the blank, etc.

A lack of transparency is a lack of honesty; thus, where there is transparency, there is evidence of truth. When the truth of one person’s words become compromised at the hand of another, the act of taking something out of context has commenced. I believe that taking things out of context is the most common cause for misperception and miscommunication. Rather than putting forth the necessary effort to actually comprehend something, there is an overwhelming tendency to simply, fill in the blank. Whether with malicious intent, or blissful ignorance, when something is removed from its actual context, minds become more narrow and perception becomes impossible.

In regards to contemporary society, I believe that it has become easier to remove something from its appropriate context. The fallacy, that technology makes us bullet-proof, impenetrable, or smart enough to “beat the system”, has become a far-too-common misnomer in our society. Just because history – for the first time ever – can be cleared from our browser, doesn’t mean that it ever really goes away. The feasibility of copying and pasting words is much like that of Photoshopping pictures, or of washing checks. All practices like these are rather simple, but all deviate from honesty. And , just like Photoshop cannot be blamed for false identity, nor can the keyboard be accused of typing something false. At the end of the day, technology or no technology, we are behind what we present to the world, and just because the contexts of our arguments may be changing, our truth must stay consistent.

Video creation software provided by Animoto.

(Theme: Air / Music: Sing Me To Sleep by Forest Son)

Quoted Source: The Native Betta Habitat: Separating Fact From Fiction

[Betta Fish Care-blog]


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