My Animoto Video

My Animoto Video.

Okay everybody, here it is, my in-progress multimedia project. As my disclaimer, please consider the following:

-I am not married to the music…THIS is definitely an area I could use some advice on!

-As you will see, I am studying the “practice” of taking things out of context. The Betta fish misnomers are to parallel this concept in general. I am still very much in the process of compiling political, social, and other examples  of how words, photos, etc., are taken out of context. I expect that the examples I ultimately choose are those that people are likely to be familiar with.

-Again, just please consider the fact that this is not finalized, and therefore, many of my ideas are not displayed yet!


11 thoughts on “My Animoto Video

  1. I understand your concept from your description. I don’t see it in the video. I don’t think the Betta concept is a good choice. You would find a wealth of better examples in the political arena and in images. Also, you spend about 2 minutes explaining
    betta fish, and then only get to the point that “puddles” is taken out of context at the end. I was left wondering what the point was, and then it didn’t quite come through at the end. I also really didn’t understand the line “just because they can doesn’t mean they should,” at least in term of the fish. People take animals out of their natural habitat to make them pets all of the time. From what I understand of this line, you are saying, why should they live in their natural habitat, which doesn’t really make sense to me. Needless to say I would choose a different example to get your point across.

    However, on a more positive note, the video itself was well done. It flowed nicely, was easy to read, and the incorporation of pictures kept my attention. I think the song fit, though I didn’t listen to the words. My only suggestion was make the slides go a smidge faster because I felt like I waited just a second or two long for the next point to be made.

    I am curious to see how you present your future ideas. I don’t think you need to explain them much, if at all. I think a wide-range audience would understand without the background information.

    I really love the idea, though! I’m excited to see how it turns out.

    • I find it rather ironic that you go for 2 paragraphs about how poorly I portrayed my concept, only to back out of your very staunch opinion by saying, “I really love the idea, though”! If you don’t like, you don’t like it. And if you don’t like it, own it. Not to mention, you inundate my comment thread with such a lengthy (somewhat poorly-contructed) critique about how I take too long to get to the point, when you yourself seem to have limited capabilities in that arena.

      The point of this peer review is to find ways to help each other express our ideas more vividly, clearly, and effectively; it is not to skim the surface and critique each other’s work with a knee-jerk reaction.

      I am willing to bet that you will read this response and think to yourself how defensive I am being, and how unwilling I am to accept criticism. I must assure you, I have no such intentions, and as a seasoned victim of fine-arts critiques, I am as open to suggestions as I am to compliments. (And on that note, I thank you for the compliments you offered, regarding the flow and readability. I also appreciate your suggestion regarding increasing the speed between frames.)

      • I meant my reply to be constructive criticism, not to be offensive to you. It is your project after all. Perhaps what I understood from the description of your concept did not match your own vision, which could be remedied by a
        description of your intent with the betta fish example. When I watched the video, I did not understand what was being taken out of context, until the end when you said “puddles.” It seemed to me to be a list of facts about betta fish. However, perhaps your intent was to make an almost literal interpretation of things being taken out of context. Of course, this is only me speculating, and, admitedly, I could be wrong. An example of what I was thinking would be taking Sarah Palin’s speech out of context and quoting her saying “I can see Russia from my backyard,” which is not what she said. Any quote or image, if taken out of it’s original meaning, could be completely misconstrued and end up meaning the complete opposite. This is what I thought you meant when I read your concept.

  2. Allow me to step in here. 🙂 Jessica, I’d like for you to bring some examples of the concepts you mention – this will help Alex to flesh out the argument a bit more. Also, in the interest of helping Alex develop her ideas, let’s all try to find a way to help the fish analogy work. I think the idea is very clever, and I’m sure there are ways to help this be a narrative “thread” throughout the piece.

  3. Your project thus far does a good job at capturing how things can be taken out of context or ideas and words misunderstood in an online medium. The betta fish parallel is original and effective, something I definitely never would have thought of, but I think that if you are going to add more examples (political, social, etc.) then maybe you could start off with a quick version of the betta fish parallel and then have the rest of your video be about social and political implications of taking things out of context in an online medium. While extremely clever and unique, the betta fish parallel is not as relevant as maybe some other examples of taking things out of context (like maybe how it’s difficult to convey the tone in which you are saying something; sarcasm sometimes can’t be detected through the internet, for example). I don’t think you should get rid of the fish idea, but maybe shorten it or use it more as an introduction as you segue into more social or political examples. That being said, your idea is really interesting and your project, although an unfinished product at this point, seems well thought out. I look forward to see where you go with this!

  4. Hey Alex,

    I think your idea and concept was great!! I thought your use of images and text really flowed well and captured the audience’s attention. I also like your choice with music. It was upbeat and helped everything flow really well.

    I see that you are currently in the process of gathering more examples to use in your final version (political and social examples) and I cannot wait to see what those will be. I really liked your Betta Fish example because it serves as a great introduction to the point you are trying to make. With that being said, I also think that if you shorten the Betta Fish example once you find other examples, it will help the overall finished product. I liked when you show the image of the text message because texts are definitely something that can be taken out of context as well as things posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Great job!!

  5. I will admit I was very confused watching the video and I chose not to read the description, but when the actual message hit me, I LOVED IT!! I was so drawn in with the story of the betta fish misnomers that when the actual message was shown I could totally see where you were coming from. The only thing that I would add is more at the end about things being taken out of context. The thing that you are taking about is so strong that I feel should not have the last 30 seconds of the video. Giving more light to what people take out of context would make this video amazing in my opinion. And what is that song? I really like it and it does fit with the video.

  6. Your concept is a good one, but you focus more on betta fish than on the concept. Maybe try to find another parallel for things taken out of context. For example, you could check out the tabloids. Tabloids always have great quotes that are spliced and diced from different sources. For your visuals, I would suggest slowing things down. You moved from each slide so quickly it was a little disorienting. In addition, your slide change animation was not something I would like to see for two minutes. It was somewhat hard to focus with the animations. The song, in my opinion, is fine. Maybe turn down the sound a tad bit. Overall, I love your concept but there are a few issues with the presentations. Good job.

  7. I like the concept and the example, but I think you need to add some more thoughts at the end about things being taken out of context with what we say or write. There are so many things you could say about things being taken out of context (for example: social media stuff, like Facebook). I see the parallel, but I think you might need to develop it a little more as you go forward with this.
    I know you said you could change the music, but I really like the song! Also, can you slow down the pace of the pictures and writing? It seemed a little fast to me.

  8. I really liked this video! It took me a while to understand the concept, but after I figured it out I really liked it. I think you should add a few more example of taking things out of context at the end. Maybe news articles, tweet, facebook posts or memes. I don’t think the betta fish analogy was too long, but it would be more balanced with more context examples. This was really interesting! Great job!

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