What would Barbara Walters do?

Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Andy Rooney, and Katie Couric are some of the world’s most recognizable news anchors. These anchors, along with others like Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw, have proven themselves to be the dedicated sounding boards for society, domestically and internationally. They have spent years upon years studying the news industry, and for the most part, have seemed to always have at least one primary goal in mind: to deliver the world’s most important reports.

I couldn’t help but wonder what Rather, Rooney, and Couric might think about social media becoming the next global news anchor. It seems as if Facebook, Twitter, and bloggers alike, are vying for the coveted position of lead reporter; and even though most (active) anchors and journalists utilize social networking forums for personal and business purposes, my cynical inclination leads me to believe that maybe – just maybe – they are somewhat bit bitter towards the idiot-proof modes that society currently favors in order to obtain the news.

Overall, I think that social media has created a contemporary avenue for citizens of the world to access the news. Furthermore, it would be wonderful to see this effect take hold of those who didn’t have interest in current events, prior to this “movement” of Twitter feeds and Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList. In my opinion, it is the younger generations who are least concerned with the happenings of the world outside of a 20-mile radius, so in this respect, I would hope that social networking continues to spark a bit of passion for cultural awareness.

Of course, I also hope that the social networking sites who claim to provide up-to-date and accurate reports, actually provide up-to-date and accurate reports. It would be a shame to see such a potentially viable facilitator for global awareness to become muddied and obscured while in transit across the ever-expanding Internet. 

(And I’ll go out on a limb to say that even the most notable, decorated, and acclaimed news anchor might agree.)


Just for fun, I present to you, the RidicuList link:



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