Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Mark Story is the author of a recent Internet article entitled, Social Media: Being A User Doesn’t Mean You Are A Good Practitioner, written for AgBeat. In this article, Story discusses the somewhat complicated demand businesses have for hiring social media representatives. The economy, has consequently, transitioned from a service-based market, to one embodying an “explosion of social media […] as communication platforms”. Consequently, as Story points out, “the explosion of social media as a business tool is creating job opportunities for seasoned professionals”.

Unfortunately, an increase in demand does not always prompt an influx of supply. It is reassuring to see new paths unfold within the job market, but for potential, social media reps, companies won’t count the ability to update Facebook as qualifying skills necessary to perform well. Story points out that “being an avid user does not mean that you are ready to start giving online communications advice on a very big stage”.

The moral of Story’s story is one that rings true in many aspects of life, business, and communications on a global scale. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you know it well, and just because you know a little about a lot, doesn’t mean you know a lot about everything. In an age where the canvas and content become subjective, companies will probably have their guards up, more so than they ever have. The societal dependence we have on the Internet reflects the desire to bridge any gaps in the communication flow, the hope of broadening cultural horizons, the necessity for widespread educational opportunities.

This contemporary, life-altering resource (the Internet) that so many rely on for business, personal, and other uses can either kill us or make us stronger. Story simply advises against confusing “I know enough to get by” with “fluent and proficient”, when seeking a career in social media representation. Failure to do so could easily create yet another problematic element for such a seemingly, idiot-proof system. 



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